Frame is a thing people need when they want a painting, photo or mirror to be on the wall. One of the earliest frames could be traced back to 2nd century A.D in an Egyptian tomb. Frame doesn’t really protect the object until you carry it with hands, it trims the edges and gives a 2D work 3D decorative boundaries. It is a conventional companion for an image on the wall.

framed sketch pad
Having a frame surround a piece of canvas makes people think the work is done, like check with signature on. Putting a mode pressed frame shape on paper and using the paper to make a sketch pad is to send a signal of everything (including doodle drawings) could be serious as a piece in a gallery. It creates the sense of humor that everything not serious still have the chance to be framed. sketch pad was considered an item for process working, with a frame embedded, in a way makes people think process writing/ drawing is important as if they are “framed” like a finished painting.  Having a frame shape didn’t change the material—paper. However, people think differently by noticing the 3D shape on a flat surface. It is also interesting to see if people will react differently with a framed sketch pad instead of with a flat one.

picture frame
press a frame just like press a stamp markAfter having the skills of pressing a frame on paper, I did experiment on pressing a frame on multiple cheap and accessible papers and play with imagery of overlapping an image with a frame. The idea of make a photo “post it” collection is to have a series of photos printed on newsprint paper and press a frame on them. It works as a “post it” note. This weird, old fashioned way of storing photos makes you surprise every time when you take one page off. Each framed picture is perfect for hanging on the wall.

Using this method, I made two version of the “post it” note collection. The first one is a collection of pictures of my brother. He is six now. Because of school, I can’t spend much time hanging out with him in China. The other collection is picture collections of my friends and classmates in college. I got the source from several different instagram accounts. Both collections are going to travel with me back home and will be hanged in my room.